Chad Clifford

Some background. While not consistently attaining full-time work in this field, it has always been a serious hobby.  My past training includes instructors such as Tom Brown Jr., Mors Kohanski, various experts, elders, and friends.

Public education includes B. Natural Science, B.H.Outdoor Recreation (& Parks and Tourism), M.A. in nature-music research, and  a B.Education.

I have been teaching outdoor skills and environmental education on remote out-trips, in public schools through to University and colleges as well as with private, wilderness education businesses and volunteered community positions. I have more recently  jumped into soundscaping–now creating my own mic and soundscape set-ups.  My soundscapes includes data collection for biological monitoring, enjoyment, and education.


“Chad Woodsman, fire maker and over-all Wildman Extraordinare! Many thanks for all your help on the Bare Necessities; and for the wealth of traditional knowledge that you had at your disposal.”

Hugh McManners: S.A.S., Military survival skills trainer, author: best-seller ‘Outdoor Survival Guide‘ ‘Ultimate Special Forces‘ ‘Forgotten Voices Falklands War’ and ‘A Unique History of Gulf War One’ Co-host of BBC2′s original, survival reality series entitled ‘the Bare Necessities’ and all around great guy!

“awesome recording Chad – nice and clear, love the sound of the Bittern sucking in air!” Marc Anderson (Wild Ambience)

The BBC’s “Bare Necessities” survival show. Chad helped with Ontario’s set location and was the traditional and survival skills resource person. view photos

“It isn’t everyone who can step into the woods armed with nothing more than a pocket knife and their own wits and have the skills needed to survive. Chad Clifford is one of the few true remaining wilderness men – possessing the skills and knowledge to not only make primitive weapons and natural cordage, but also start a fire, track animals and build primitive shelters.” Amy Hogue (EMC)

View some of Chad’s publications and media coverage.

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