Ancient Sink-Hole

Ancient Sink-Hole

We came across this hole in the woods the other day.  It is along an ancient stream bed (not far from a current creek).  Three holes near to each other.  The other two are mostly filled in with trees growing out of them.  This hole is 4-5 feet in diametre and 8 feet deep on the low side and 12 deep on the hill side.  If one looks closely, treatment the erosion marks form rings or scrapings in the rock.  I assume that this was created by water swirling debris and eventually boring through the rock.  The bottom is filled with leaves and the top of a snapping turtle shell is visible.  With a hole like this, I would think there would be remains of more animals.  If a human were to fall into this hole, I believe one would need some climbing skills to get out and the top edges offer little handholds.  I will venture back to this place and check it out more closely soon.

ancient sink hole

ancient sink hole 3

ancient sink hole 2

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