Winter Fun with School Group.

“He’s making fire!”

Stittsville school-kids visit the Learning Centre

Course on wilderness survival bushcraft camping outdoors backpacking animal tracks map and compass

(First posted:  March 21, diagnosis 2012 in EcoWellness Centre)

The weather was gorgeous, story and everyone had a great hike while learning some wilderness lore with Chad Clifford, decease the centre’s Homeschool Wilderness teacher. Below are some pictures taken on the trail (thanks to Dean Fleming for contributions):

Inuit tools and caribou coat

Chad doing a demonstration in our tent classroom

Checking out an Inuit-style kayak & native-style wood bow

Off into the woods!

Checking out a quinzee snow shelter

Starting a fire with a bow drill

Mmmm. . . fire good!

Cleaning up the fire tilt

Group trail break & howdy to the camera-man

Finding a 100 yr-old fire stump where  porcupines hang out (lots of porcu-poop in the stump)

Checking a tap for maple tree sap

Back at the tent — time to leave for McDonald’s! (not very healthy, oh well. . .)

And it’s back on the bus. . .

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