Skinning, traps, talks, and tracks. Oh and wild chili!

Busy this weekend?

JANUARY 10th - ( Hunting Day at Blueberry Mountain )- The club is planning an educational hunting day in the indoor months. The keynote speaker will be Len Dickinson who is a local published author and accomplished hunter and outdoorsmen. Among Len's many credentials are a B.A. in Environmantal Studies from Waterloo University's off campus program and Board of Directors for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH). Len will be interviewed on Lake 88.1 at 5:30 pm on Tuesday January 6th to promote the event. The day will hopefully break down prejudice on both sides; against responsible hunters who would forego hunting if it threatened the ecosystem, and against environmentalists who are percieved as putting nature "under glass". We hope that both sides can benefit from this fellowship. The day will include a video with instruction on how to skin a moose, a whimsical talk by Bill Barrett on snaring squirrels, a winter tracking lesson by survival expert Chad Clifford and wild chili to warm up after provided by Brenda Trudel. This will be held at the Survival School at Flower Station (Cliffland ). Please register in advance by going to the website and clicking on the events tab and then register for an event or click here to be redirected to the registration page. The event will be partially indoors and partially outdoors. It should be an interesting and informative day. A voluntary donation of $10 is suggested and will support Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust.

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