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Explore the World of Animal Tracks--this Wednesday!
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A Walk Through Time
Chad and Fulton's Pancake House staff are busy placing the finishing touches on the Heritage Maple Path (at Fulton's pancake house and sugarbush). Aboriginal and primitive methods of sap to syrup such as heated stones in hollowed logs and pioneer outdoor cauldrons, a wooden gathering tank and more are nestled into the Heritage Maple Path. Every weekend, during March Break and Easter Weekend, between 11 am & 3 pm, visit with Chad and learn more about our aboriginals and pioneers. Visit a cedar covered tipi; take pictures on the survival lean-to shelter. The length of your visit, weather, outdoor temperatures, depth of snow and the animals that trek through our sugar bush will make every visit unique. You may hear Chad talking about or demonstrating primitive fire methods, pioneer flutes, primitive bow making, looking for animal tracks, traditional uses of plants, never know!
Be sure to take pictures along the way and come play in our backyard!

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