Bushcraft Course: August 6,7,8,9 (Inuit style sea kayak making too)

Interested in a Bushcraft Course: August 6,7,8,9



Been a busy summer! I have interested people for a 4 day bushcraft course in August.

This is my general course that offers an excellent base of skills that can be practiced and expanded upon for many years. It is designed to give you a good assortment of tools and knowledge that will be put to practice upon learning but also give you an insightful headstart in the process.

You will develop skills and knowledge all but lost among modern adventurers and professional guides alike. But, you need not already be outdoor savvy to take part (it is fine if you are too). Everyone is on the same level here. Bushcraft and nature interpretation are great nature-centred activities that can be utilized further and even help when the unexpected occurs--such as the loss of gear.

What is this course about?

Nature-lore may include the study of wild edible plants, reading and understanding animal sign and tracks, ecology, and developing a heightened awareness including the sights and sounds often missed by modern adventurers. Bushcraft skills include the technique of starting fires without matches, wayfinding, clothing, in depth map and compass (and other lostproofing techniques) and many, many other bushcrafts that can be used to supplement your nature outings.

The first days (of four) are spent developing new skills (e.g., lostproofing, tracking , plant i.d., & awareness ) in a wilderness setting including some indoor activities (limited). You will be hiking regularly and practicing skills on the go. But we usually base camp at a convenient location. NOTE: your days are filled with hands on learning--we base camp so time is not lost on travel and setting up / taking down camp.

More details:

  • The camp is LIMITED to a small group number.
  • Lastly, the pace is rather steady but not overly energetic. The days are long and we do activities most evenings. spare time is usually spent practicing skills or by choosing your own leisurely pursuits.
  • $75/day/person assuming we get enough participants.

This course will work to instill a new level of confidence and nature appreciation. Bring your own meals.


Inuit Sea-kayak Making

I plan to make a 3 person Inuit style sea kayak this fall. If you are interested in learning how to make a single person kayak, either as a group made boat or your own, get in touch to discuss details. These boats have no metal fasteners of glues and are very fast and light.


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Chad's Inuit Kayak and Primitive Bow



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