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Last year a few folks got together to camp out for the weekend and try some bushcraft skills. The general idea was to consider having events where we can get together informally and share skills from diverse backgrounds--novice to advanced.

Traditional tent after first snow of the year at gathering.

We are going to have another go at it this year...but not in the fall (we managed to pitch tent during the first weekend of snow).

So, set your calendar to join us in 2016 for Blueberry Mountain Skills Gathering on June 24-26. E-mail or join the Facebook page to chat more with us here: Blueberry Mountain Gathering and you do need to let us know if you plan to join by registering.

It was decided to have a small fee of $40 to help cover some costs. Running a workshop for us waives this fee of course so tell us if you are willing to teach something and we will see if we can fit it in.


We base camp to not loose time on travel and setting up / taking down camp. You need to provide your own food and all aspects of base camping such as tents, flashlight, and stoves etc..  We do have an outhouse and fresh water is available. A public swimming beach is 2 miles away. You may also bring a small camper, but all cars are left about 200 meters from base camp after set-up. Note that there are two, small cabin dorms available for rent ($100 for duration of any course). The dorms have a bed (bring sleeping bag or warm sheets and sleeping pad) but no running water or bathroom.


Blueberry Mountain: One on Lanark County's 7 Wonders & home of Wilderness Rhythms
Blueberry Mountain: One on Lanark County's 7 Wonders & home of Wilderness Rhythms

Located and hour and 13 minutes west of Kanata (West Ottawa) in the Lanark Highlands at a land trust property with a few thousand acres of private and crown wilderness to roam. We are fortunate to have the two main highways (#7 & #17) take a wide berth around us thereby allowing our soundscape to be natural and little mechanized sounds.

This area is a wonderful resource so close to Ottawa

We have use of an outdoor classroom, and indoor room, water and outhouse.

Map to:cliffLAND in Flower Station



A true bog--relatively rare


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