Throw away those hiking boots!!!

Throw away those hiking boots!!! A short paper questioning the need for hiking boots. During my time at Lakehead I have come to realize that most people in the recreation industry, in the name of safety and professionalism, tend to wear rigid hiking boots with soles that could swipe the […]

Group Building

One of the wonders of bushcraft and nature lore is how it brings out the inner survivalist in us! New skills and interactions have us explore challenging yet accessible activities. Many activities can be explored in any season for afternoon or multi-day activities. Inquire for customized possibilities!

The hills around here

2016 June 24-26th Blueberry Mountain Skills Weekend It is free (almost–just to cover some admin and supplies). A time and place to learn from one another. All instruction is offered by participants and we have some very talented ones…and beginners too. This video showcases the property we will be on […]

Happy New Year! What’s New…

Greetings, It has been a while since I posted on my website so I thought I would let you know what we have been up to. Between soundscaping, bushcaft and survival courses, classroom teaching contracts and days, a new bushcraft gathering at Blueberry Mtn., some travel, making new friends and […]

Coming soon…

Explore the World of Animal Tracks–this Wednesday! Soundscapes A Walk Through Time Chad and Fulton’s Pancake House staff are busy placing the finishing touches on the Heritage Maple Path (at Fulton’s pancake house and sugarbush). Aboriginal and primitive methods of sap to syrup such as heated stones in hollowed logs […]

Good Survival Video

“Mysteries of Survival” is a video I used to show in some of my classes. It once aired on CBC “Wild Docs” from a National Geographic film. I believe it can be ordered on-line. From description: It is a mystery that scientists are determined to solve. Why do some people […]

Your vote requested! The LandTrust charity (Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy) is having some good fortune with grant money for its soundscape projects. On a Shell grant, sick we can up our amount to 50K with more support in votes. This is for biological monitoring of protected areas, education outreach and […]

EMC Newspaper Article on Chad Clifford’s School

Highlands Wilderness man teaches primitive skills by Amy Hogue EMC News – It isn’t everyone who can step into the woods armed with nothing more than a pocket knife and their own wits and have the skills needed to survive. Chad Clifford is one of the few true remaining wilderness […]

Choosing a Wilderness Program: Wilderness Survival, Traditional, or Primitive Skills

Choosing a Wilderness Program: Wilderness Survival, Traditional, or Primitive Skills There are many types of wilderness experiences and training available to you. Don’t worry, I am not about tell you that you have found the ‘right’ or the ‘best’ spot–‘look no further.’ If you find a site making such claims, […]

How brace-height affects a bow’s energy and why a recurved stores more energy

How brace-height affects a bow’s energy and why a recurved stores more energy Originally published in Archery Focus: USA’s official olympic magazine. What gets accomplished when an amateur bow-maker and a techno-weenie get together during the cold Christmas holidays in Canada? Well in this case, they designed a device that […]

Learn to Track Series

Learn to Track SeriesPart One: Before You Go!   Bobcat in mud (front right):All of the cats have very largeheel pads and no claw marksshowing in the track. Tracking is a doorway to a greater understanding of the wilderness. It teaches you to become knowledgeable of the local flora, fauna, […]

Mookamon Choosing a campknife

Mookamon Choosing a campknife–my thoughts Introduction Mookamon is the Cree-Ojibwe term for knife. Almost every traditional or primitive skills enthusiast I know has something to say about knives, whether its of their own collection, or the nice one that so and so owns. On this page, I will offer some […]

Leisure time in the outdoors

Leisure time in the outdoors Pure leisure-time involves the freedom to: explore without constraints, viagra sale limits, search time or schedule. While in the wilderness then, health experiencing leisure is similar to getting side-tracked. It is these unplanned side-tracks that make the experience more dynamic and exciting. Side-tracks open up […]

Bonding to nature: through the practice of primitive wilderness skills

Bonding to nature: through the practice of primitive wilderness skills By Chad Clifford Introduction As a teenager, having already enjoyed years of diverse outdoor recreations, I became eager to understand nature at a more personal level. The types of outdoor recreations (e.g., backpacking, skiing, winter camping etc.) I participated in […]

Natural Fibre Rope

Natural Fibre Rope Natural cordage display. Species shown include: Birch; Cat-tail; Cedar; Sisal; Hide; Willow; Goldenrod; Dogbane; Milkweed; Primrose; Cedar/Bullrush; Bullrush On this page, I will briefly disscuss natural fibre cordage. I do not intend to offer step by step instructions. Also included are a few photographs of good cordage […]

Winter Fun with School Group.

“He’s making fire!” Stittsville school-kids visit the Learning Centre (First posted:  March 21, diagnosis 2012 in EcoWellness Centre) The weather was gorgeous, story and everyone had a great hike while learning some wilderness lore with Chad Clifford, decease the centre’s Homeschool Wilderness teacher. Below are some pictures taken on the trail (thanks to […]