Wilderness Courses

Below are some course ideas. Have a look through and contact me to create a customized outing. If private instruction is not of interest to you, we can invite others to join-in and this will allow for a group rate to be applied.

Map, Compass & Lost-proofing

Brush-up on your navigation skills.

Brush-up on your navigation skills.

With supervision, you will learn and practice how to triangulate your position from a map and compass--to then plot a course out. Various natural way finding skills will be learned.


Woods Awareness

Campcraft Lostproofing Natural history Awareness skills Traditional camping

Develop skills and knowledge all but lost among modern adventurers and professional guides alike.

Nature-lore may include the study of wild edible plants, reading and understanding animal sign and tracks, ecology, and developing a heightened awareness including the sights and sounds often missed by modern adventurers. Bushcraft skills include the technique of starting fires without matches, wayfinding, clothing, in depth map and compass (and other lostproofing techniques) and many, many other bushcrafts that can be used to supplement your nature outings.


Animal Tracks and Clues

painted-tracks animal survival skills camping Ottawa Ontario Canada

Learn to see the details at a glance.

There is so much to learn from each track and trail-story as a whole. You will be amazed at the information that you will learn and develop in this course. You will explore walking pattern recognition and specie identification and tips far beyond what is found in most tracking books.

You will be sharing your attained knowledge with others in no time!


Wood-crafting a Primitive Bow

At this point in history, there is a large resurgence in traditional bow making. In light of this, a fast growing amount of knowledge is building and being re-discovered.

Each step of bow making is covered: from the tree to the stave, to the string and arrows. Typically, 45-55 pounds draw weight makes a nice shooting bow for an adult. The bows we will make are made from lumber to save the student time from shaping a wedge from a tree (known as a bow stave). The strings will be made from modern materials.

Recent Youth Bow Building day:


Winner in 'primitive youth' class

Customized Inuit Style Kayak


No special skills required. No wood screws or glues. Just hand-tied lashings, creating a very unique and 'alive' boat that is like no other. Custom fit for the intended paddler.