My courses are made to suit clients wishes--from novices to professional guides to instructors looking to upgrade. Many of the lessons and skills can join all the fore mentioned seamlessly into a wonderful sharing experience.

Below are some themes that can be adapted to suit your needs. Generally, courses are intended for adults but can be adapted for youth.

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Map, Compass & Lost-proofing

Brush-up on your navigation skills.
Brush-up on your navigation skills.

From beginner to advanced. Learn how to read maps,  use a compass and be able to triangulate your position. This knowledge offers the base for understanding the numbers used by G.P.Systems. Make use of many natural features and techniques to navigate with confidence. A basic two hour session can be enhanced with many exercises and hands-on techniques lasting a few hours to two days.

Woods Awareness

Nature-lore may include the study of wild edible plants, reading and understanding animal sign and tracks, ecology, and developing a heightened awareness including the sights and sounds often missed by modern adventurers. Bushcraft skills include the techniques of starting fires without matches, wayfinding, clothing, natural fibre rope making, shelters, in depth map and compass (and other lostproofing techniques), leather and bark use, and many, many other bushcrafts that can be used to supplement your nature outings. Courses can run from 2 hour workshops to 10 days of skills training.


Animal Tracks and Clues

painted-tracks animal survival skills camping Ottawa Ontario Canada
Learn to see the details at a glance.

There is much to learn from each track and trail. Explore walking pattern recognition and specie identification and tips far beyond what is found in most tracking books and guides. Two hour introduction and slide show can be followed by days of outdoors training.

Wood-crafting a Primitive Bow

At this point in history, there is a large resurgence in traditional bow making. In light of this, a fast growing amount of knowledge is building and being re-discovered.

Each step of bow making is covered: from the tree to the stave, to the string and arrows. Typically, 45-55 pounds draw weight makes a nice shooting bow for an adult. The bows we will make are made from lumber to save the student time from shaping a wedge from a tree (known as a bow stave). The strings will be made from modern materials. This course takes adults about two full days.

Recent Youth Bow Building day:
bow-making-youthThe shaving horses (seen above) are great for public demonstrations with heritage themes. These were used for making shingles, paddles, bows, axe handles and much more.

Customized Inuit Style Kayak


No special skills required. No wood screws or glues. Just hand-tied lashings, creating a very unique and 'alive' boat that is like no other. Custom fit for the intended paddler. Seven to ten days to make. A group made boat can be done over 3 weekends.

These boats grab attention like no other (including bark boats). Look great on a wall with or without skin on frame. Also ideal for public displays at festivals or theme days.

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