I have named this experience Nature Sound Bathing because it envelops one's attention with nature's symphony of sound. Nature Sound Bathing is a powerful way to experience nature as it  brings out the sounds that often go undetected--It almost trains the ears to listen more closely. It is both a meditative and rejuvenating experience! Research has shown that our sense of sound has a very powerful influence on our emotions. My own research has shown the powerful effect of natural settings and sound. The sessions and public demos outlined below include listening with headphones and specialized microphone systems. Tips and ideas for hearing more in the woods will also be discussed.

Tree Canopy -- Hammock sessions

Swing gently in a hammock while gazing up into the tree canopy. A sensitive microphone system amplifies the canopy sounds to the point where a gentle breeze sounds like a wind-train. This is a wonderful sensory and meditative experience.   E-mail or call to inquire about joining the sessions as spots are limited to 5 participants.

  • 40 minute sessions
  • all materials provided
  • $35

2017 September 30th 1:00-1:40,  2:00-2:40, or  3:00-3:40. Reserve a spot at one of my sessions at the Fall Splendour workshops at Fulton's Sugar Bush.


If you want to experience more, be still and listen. One of my favorite listening experiences was in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains.  It was late in the morning and the birds were silent. I was relaxing in green mosses and listening to the gentle breeze and insects among the sugar pines.The mic system I used allowed me to hear directional sounds (like normal hearing) at an amplified volume. On this otherwise quiet day, these sounds were invigorating. After an hour or so, I unplugged and was amazed at the silence that my ordinary senses allowed. Such experiences allowed me to realize how much is missed when we do not listen closely. Nature awareness activities with a focus on sounds will have us visit various sites in the woods. We will listen closely with different types of soundscape mic systems such as a parabolic dish; underwater mics; & soundscape mics. E-mail or call to inquire about joining the sessions as spots are limited to 5 participants.

  • 90 minute sessions
  • all materials provided
  • $50

Public Demonstrations, Team Building, or Groups

Having participated in many public demonstrations and fund raisers, I have adapted the experiences for participants to suit diverse events. This can be from only a few minutes to much longer and include various mics systems such as: underwater mics; parabolic dish; tree canopy mics; soundscape mics; and more. E-mail or call to reserve your day.

  • all materials provided
  • $350 (half day). $500 day

"... sound and still youthful senses, not enervated by luxury, hear music in the wind and the rain and running water...music is perpetual, and only hearing is intermittent." Henry David Thoreau (Journal February 8, 1857)

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