Soundscapes: 7 Wonders of Lanark County

Soundscapes offer insight to the ambience of a place. It allows one's thoughts to join in that space and become part of it. You will hear the sounds of children playing, raindrops, birds, church bells, lawnmowers and much more. Listen to the soundscapes below (by clicking on the orange "play' button) and let yourself sink into each one of Lanark County's Seven Wonders. You may also leave comments at any point of the recording by clicking on the small "+" below the sound-file.

Short on time? A video format overview of the 7 soundscapes last only a few minutes.



All photos taken by Tania Marsh (TKMarsh Photography)

For more information and driving directions to the 7 Wonders visit Lanark County Tourism's Homepage

Video Overview


1. Five-Span Stone Bridge

The start of the famous Seven Wonders tour. The recording took place under the first span of the bridge to capture the gurgling water along with the whitewater. The rush of the river here blocks out all other sounds. The way the rocks are placed on the spans remind me of the snowblock placing used with iglus--seems to defy gravity.

2. St. Peter Celestine Church

Up on top of the hill amongst the houses, the church is truly a piece of history to visit--inside and out. When the ~800 pound bell is toiled, listen closely and you can hear the the squeaky mechanism used to get the bell moving. The bell is usually sounded to signal a newly married bride and groom exiting the church.


3. Mill of Kintail

The sound of a downpour in the forest, just off of the walking bridge is the setting. Listen to the rain drop off the leaves to the ground as the spring-level river flows in the background. A few birds can also be heard quarrelling in the wet woods.



4. Blueberry Mountain

A few birds and migrating geese chime in as the wind lifts over the mountain. The pines sing here as thousands of acres of leaves shimmy and glitter. This is the most remote spot of the seven wonders with plenty of other sites to see.


5. Showy Lady's Slipper Orchids

This recording was taken in the wetland on the Ted Mosquin Trail, seen just through the trees of the photograph. Numerous birds sing their waking calls--including the clear and distinct American Bittern. If you pay attention, you can even hear the bill of the bittern slap together during one part of its call. Wild Turkeys can also be heard if one listens closely too.


6. Silver Queen Mica Mine

One can hear the rain dripping down into the mine and the echoes created from the miners entering with their hammers and drills. The hammering of steel on steel in the tunnels is deafening. Once the re-inactment miners leave, all that is left is the dripping at the edges of the shafts.



7. Stewart Park

When you sit by the cascading water in this park, every other sound seems foggy. Children play near the water and birds visit the large old trees. Downtown traffic noises join in to make this a wonderful urban park to visit.