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Traditional Spirit: A Guide to Crafting a Wooden Bow.  2015.  by Chad Clifford

Instructional Video: currently offline.

Animal Tracking Tool


This ruler is the portable version of the tracking poster with many field tested features.

      • black ruler for showing up in snow and high glare situations
      • large numbers and lines on ruler for photographs
      • 20-50 year outdoor durability (UV and weather)--will not fade or scratch image (image below metal surface)
      • images taken from my local photographs of what I commonly see
      • trail widths (in inches) and most common gait patterns to offer specie recognition. An important feature I teach students in my classes
      • 8" instead of standard 6" ruler to measure larger trail widths and tracks
      • excellent for classes where every student can borrow/own this convenient tool
      • convenient packing
      • Note: a flexible plastic version is also available but does not have the durability of the metal one

Quantity and Material Choice (metal or plastic)

For some tracking insight related to features of this ruler, check my blog posts tracks 1 and tracks 2

The Silver Shingle does custom projects with photo sensitive metal. This process embeds the image and offers full UV and weather proofing for 20-50 years. Ideal for this ruler.

Animal tracks dog tags or key chain tabs


tkmarsh-5911 Deer, Moose, Bear

tkmarsh-5910 Coyote, Wolf, Cat, Fox

tkmarsh-5909 Chipmunk, Crow, Grouse, Toad


Fisher, Beaver, Raccoon, Porcupine, Hare

Coming soon!!

Animal Tracking Poster:

A stunning 24" x 36" poster. All track images stem from author's photos. Many animals are grouped into common walking patterns and by trail-width. Numerous tracking tips given. Available as Ebook in PDF FormatHi-Quality Poster Paper $15.99 (+ postage). (Note: Not from Canada? Postage/handling to USA is $25. Please e-mail first, if interested)

Secrets of Bow & Drill Fire Starting:

This field guide is one that works! It is a short, to the point, practical look at making a fire by rubbing sticks. The author has been making and teaching this method of survival fire lighting for over two decades. The 'Trouble-Shooting' guide in this book supports the reader with many practical solutions to the problems novices and advanced practitioners find. The 'bow and drill' fire to the wilderness skills enthusiast is like the 'Eskimo roll' to the kayaker, or like 'riding a bike' to a child; it is an important skill, very useful, but often frustrating to learn. In accomplishing this challenge, you realize that your world has just been broadened. Available as Ebook in PDF Format


Animal Tracking:

Animal TrackingA great primer on animal tracks from a traditional skills instructor and creator of a popular animal tracks poster/guide. This short field guide is intended to offer various strategies and tips rarely seen in related books. The same tips are among the ones used in author's courses. Images are taken from author's 10 000+ photos of animal tracks and sign. Available as Ebook in PDF Format


The Magic of Iglu Building: 

A 'to the point' field-guide on 'how to build an iglu'. This guide is the 'real thing'! From Introduction: "The iglu building skills I have learned are based on what I could gather from Inuit Elders (& friends) while living of the Arctic. In fact, many Elders were born in igloos and lived the traditional way of life before moving into communities in or around the 1950s. Hence, their knowledge forms a direct link to a people that have lived the nomadic life I do not pretend to have captured more than tidbits of this knowledge." Enjoy! Available as Ebook in PDF Format


Wilderness Rhythms: Playing music to enhance the nature experience

Wilderness Rhythms Playing music to enhance the nature experienceHow the addition of music can create surprising results. The author’s knowledge of traditional woods survival skills and lore offer much insight throughout the book. Available in E-book (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, PDB, LRF)

$9.99 (digital)-OR- Paperback (out of stock)

Nature's Wireless: Writings on Nature

Natures-Wireless Writings on Wilderness -A unique, compilation of great writings on wilderness from various authors. From book forward: -The writings in this book are to be sipped like a fine wine, savoring the inspiration and thought provoking messages. These make up some of the writings that have molded many modern writers, philosophers of environmental thought, and nature enthusiasts of all walks. -The style of writing will, to some, be foreign as thick descriptions are painted offering clear vistas and sometimes the grains of detail. If you find yourself loosing the message of the story, slow down, re-read it, for these are among the gems in nature writings. Like an aged cheese, the flavors are not fast processed, but a rich experience. Available as Ebook in PDF Format


Traditional Spirit: A guide to Crafting a Wooden Bow. 1hr 8min Video.

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Some flutes remaining...

Contact me if yo are interested in a flute. Below are some that are usually available:

Standard Flute. Key of A. $140 (includes postage for Canada and USA)

Standard Flute. Key of G. $150 (includes postage for Canada and USA)

Drone Flute. $190 (includes postage for Canada and USA). Drone flutes come in the key of G and G# (G# sounds just slightly higher). Send me an e-mail if you have a preference for one or the other.

Economy Flutes

No two flutes are the same. On occasion, a flute will have an issue that deserves a discount. It could be something as little as a finish flaw or one that is not tuned to my standards. For the most part, little difference would actually be noticed.

No traditional / primitive bows or kayaks for sale. Courses (& special orders/requests) okay.